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Media Buyer: Not knowing they are going to hit quotas or get a good paycheck that month because their
pipeline is a rollercoaster.

What humiliates your perfect client (an event or occurrence they are trying to avoid)?
Owner: Being a bad mortgage broker. It’s a very competitive space. Very high ego driven. (mostly males)
who all want to make more money than the other. I can’t tell you how many times ive spoken to a
mortgage broker who told me he was the best in the country.
Media Buyer: Missing deals that should have closed, having to work harder than their peers (that one is a
guess) and not being able to provide for their family.

What is the cost of staying where they are right now? How bad can things get if they don’t fix it?
Owner: They will never be a top producer. Sometimes they will get leads from their own company. They
don’t realize that it’s their company’s job to make sure it’s an EVEN playing field for everyone. If thats the
case then how are they supposed to get ahead? By using our service.
Media Buyer: They won’t make as much money, they will have to continue doing prospecting methods
that they hate or both.

What is their most urgent, pressing crisis they want solved right away (the real pain they’re
facing, the thing they need fixed immediately)?

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